Bar Review: Adaptibar



AdaptiBar is an online MBE simulator that includes every licensed MBE question and uses patented adaptive technology to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and predict your MBE score. Most examinees use AdaptiBar as a supplement to a full-service course, and some use it and other options in lieu of a bar review course. The AdaptiBar app has a 5-star rating the company also offers Video Lectures series and Smart Online Flashcards.


AdaptiBar has a mobile app for both iOS and Android that allows you to study on your phone. The technology tracks your performance by subtopic, and performance graphs help you pinpoint where you need to spend more study time. Its database of 1,956 questions includes every licensed question released by the NCBE (author of the MBE).


$15 - $450

Payment Plan Options

Six-month interest-free payment plan available through PayPal.


If users complete more than1,300 questions and achieve an overall accuracy rate of 70% or higher, but fail the bar exam, they can re-enroll free of charge or receive 105% of their money back.