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AmeriBar offers an online, self-directed course in addition to tutoring and supplements. It caters to repeat test-takers and at-risk examinees.The course is built around 80 hours of online lectures, which are supplemented by outline and essay practice, a performance test and Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) questions and answers.


The cloud-based program allows users to study anywhere. Users can send in essays for critiques and contact an attorney for support. By the numbers: 80 hours of online video, 3,000 simulated MBE questions and 1,400 real MBE questions.


$1,495 - $2,595

Payment Plan Options

Payment options are available through AmeriBars partnership with PayPal


If you don't pass the bar, you can take course again for free

Available in

Courses for more than 40 states and tutoring for more than 45 states, including the UBE, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio and Nevada.


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