Bar Review: BarMax



BarMax is committed to being the most effective, convenient, and affordable bar review course available. They are currently the only comprehensive bar review course to offer instant and lifetime access to bar prep, and boast a guaranteed pass policy. The full-service, lecture-based course is offered online and through both iOS and Android apps, which allows you to study wherever you want, and on your own schedule. The course includes 50 hours of audio lectures, concise outlines of lecture notes, printed books, flashcards, and 10 writing revisions by former exam graders. 


1,750+ REAL MBE Questions. Unlike other companies, BarMax only uses real questions to ensure that the questions you are practicing with are representative of what you will see on the actual bar exam. BarMax boasts the highest pass rates and publishes their pass rates annually while other prep companies decline.

BarMax's lifetime access allows you to start preparing the moment you enroll and never worry about additional subscription fees. If you have already paid a deposit on another program, BarMax will even credit you up to $250 when you switch. 


$399.99 -  $2,199.99

Payment Plan Options

BarMax offers 0% financing* starting as low as $84/month for BarMax MBE and $106/month for BarMax CA and BarMax UBE through Affirm. 
Interest-free payments can be made over a three-, six-, twelve- or 18-month* period. 
*18-month interest free payment plans are available for >$1K purchases


In the event that a student does not pass the bar, they are able to either continue to take advantage of BarMax's lifetime access or forgo their access and opt for a refund. This means you can be confident in your investment. 

Available in

35 options, including UBE states, California, Ohio and MBE


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