Bar Review: Critical Pass


Critical Pass makes MBE flash cards designed to help students learn key bar exam concepts. It also makes MEE (Multistate Essay Examination), specifically the essay-only subjects like Secured Transactions and Family Law. Students use Critical Pass as an add-on to a full-service bar review course and as a way to save the time it would take to make their own flash cards. Each card includes black letter law in a mini outline format, along with space for users to write their own notes or mnemonics. Each purchase comes with access to the Critical Pass app, which contains quizzing functions not just on Critical Pass content, but also questions on black letter law.


Critical Pass helps bridge the gap between reading information and remembering it. While most agree that the best way to use flash cards is to make them yourself, doing so for the bar exam can eat up valuable study time and be difficult in the early stages of studying. 380 MBE cards and 120 Multistate Essay Examination (MEE) cards are color-coded, cross-referenced and organized by subject and sub-topic.


$99 - $249


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