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Kaplan Bar Review is the world leader in test prep and has been in the bar review business since 2006. It currently offers full-service bar review in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. All of our courses include interactive live streamed lectures and a library of on-demand lectures.


Kaplan Bar Review’s primary strengths come from its size and leadership in the test prep field. We also have unmatched experience preparing students for high stakes exams, having been founded in 1938. Like Barbri, it has the resources to offer a number of support options.


$1,499 - $3,999

Payment Plan Options

Kaplan allows students to spread out payments using a traditional in house payment plan or Affirm.


Kaplan offers a money-back guarantee as long as students attend 90% of lectures; complete the assigned multiple-choice questions, simulated exams and quizzes; and complete required practice essays and personalized homework.

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