Bar Review: Rigos Uniform Bar Review



Rigos publishes a series of books that most students use to study on their own, while some use them as a supplement to full-service bar reviews. The five books (MEE, MPT, MPRE and two volumes of MBE) can be purchased individually or as a set. At the end of each chapter, there are 200 or more questions designed to help students improve their knowledge of the subject they have just studied. Rigos books contain some 1,600 questions and answers at or above the UBE’s difficulty level.  

At an extra cost, Rigos offers a grading service, online audio lectures, practice exams and Q&A software drills.


At $400 for a set of five books, Rigos is one of the most economical ways to study for the bar exam. It is popular for its concise outlines, which students use at the tail end of their bar study. The outlines are geared toward memorization and come with more than 200 acronyms, mnemonics, issue and essay statements and boilerplate statements of law. 


$49.50 - $400


Rigos offers a full cash refund to any student who does not pass the bar after completing its full program. 


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