Bar Review: Side-bar



Side-Bar is full-service bar prep company that offers a self-directed, progressive study schedule. There are no lectures to watch, no flash cards and no hype about customization to the student’s particular strengths and weaknesses. What is presented are specific methods, techniques and tips to succeed with both the essay questions and the MBE questions.


The MBE section provides 170 specific tips, separated by subject, to tackle the difficult questions.  For essays, students are taught a step-by-step method to approach, break down, analyze and write clear answers. To hone essay skills, the company provides almost 60 practice questions with answers.




Side-Bar guarantees your money back within seven days of purchase.  The subscription price includes access to all materials for 18 months.

Available in

Side-Bar covers the California bar exam and the UBE for all states where it is used.


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