Berkeley launches new summer LL.M. program

University of California Berkeley School of Law is launching a new summer LL.M. program in May 2009. International students who already hold a professional law degree will be able to earn an LL.M. by attending two consecutive summers — for six months of condensed course work — rather than a full academic year.

The accelerated program targets busy foreign executives who may find it easier to take summers off for advanced legal study. Andrew Guzman, professor and LL.M. director, said demand for an LL.M. degree from a top U.S. school is increasing due to the rise of international business transactions in a global economy.

“We’ve been developing a summer LL.M. program for three years,” said Professor Guzman, who cited the spike in applications as a catalyst.  “The law school waited to launch, however, until it could offer the same high-quality curriculum and training that our existing program provides.”