The Diary of Jennifer Pohlman: Week 4

 It’s tough to get back in step on bar studying when you get behind. It’s even more difficult when you spend the weekend wrapped in dark blue taffeta sitting at an open bar.

Being clad in a circa-1982 outfit downing cocktails isn’t exactly my typical weekend; I was actually a bridesmaid in one of my best friends’ weddings. And, as any lady who’s had this honor bestowed upon them can attest, being a bridesmaid is somewhat like being in prison—your time is no longer your own and you’re stuck in ill-fitting matching group attire that makes you wish you were naked. 

Since last Wednesday, I’ve spent almost every spare minute I’ve had doing something wedding related, all while trying to still keep up on my studies. I reviewed my Torts notes while I waxed my legs (which is an intentional tort in and of itself—it should seriously be illegal), went over the elements of battery while standing in a tube getting a spray tan, talked Contracts with my manicurist and tried to read while I had my hair teased into some sort of curly rat’s nest. Primping and studying do not go hand in hand. “Legally Blonde” was a complete joke. There’s no way Elle Woods kicked ass at law school by learning Property under a hair dryer.

Beyond that, I also wanted to see all of my college and high school friends who had come back to town for the wedding. By the rehearsal dinner, I’d pretty much abandoned all hope of learning anything worthwhile. Saturday was the day of the wedding, and Sunday I only got out of bed for meals. All in all, I’m about five days behind where I need to be in terms of at-home studying. I think it’s safe to say that my days of fun are officially finished for summer.