The Diary of Jennifer Pohlman: Week 6

Surprisingly, my attitude has changed somewhat from last week. I basically gave myself a stern talking to and started showering more, and life turned around. However, my good mood was ruined entirely by the simulated Multi-state Bar Exam (MBE) we took this week in my review course.

At the outset, 200 multiple choice questions just doesn’t sound like that much. I don’t know why I ever thought that, because once you sit down and do them you actually start to pray for your own death. Maybe it was sitting in a tiny wooden desk, maybe it was the fact that I forgot to wear my reading glasses — whatever it was, my whole body and head hurt when I finished for the lunch break. It felt like I’d spent the morning with my eyes taped open. I begrudgingly went back and finished the rest of the questions in the afternoon. By the end of the day, I was ready to be put into a medically induced coma.

The next two days of review didn’t lift my spirits much. I got a whopping 86 out of 200 questions right. Yes, folks, that’s a big old 43 percent. Not exactly one to take home to the parents and post up on the fridge. I’m actually embarrassed to be writing this since I know this is circulated nationally, but I’m hoping that someone out there will feel a touch better knowing that they aren’t the only person ridden with panic when thinking about how much they have to do to improve.

I did learn, though, that I’m sitting well in Constitutional Law and Torts. The former didn’t shock me much — I love Con Law almost as much as I love not studying. But the Torts success was very surprising since I felt like I was bombing all of the negligence questions on the practice exam. What really scared the pants off of me was my poor performance in Criminal Law. Eight out of 33 correct. Wow. Instead of taking a day off this weekend, I will now be re-watching the Crim Law lecture while the rest of my friends are sunning themselves on the Fourth of July. Maybe I’ll grill myself a hot dog and light up a sparkler during a study break.