Hot Off the Press: Levine’s practical advice for law school applicants

Author Ann K. Levine saw thousands of applications as an admissions director at Loyola Law School and California Western School of Law. Here she shares what happens behind closed doors in her book, "The Law School Admission Game: Play Like An Expert."

It's already been reported that law school applications are on the rise. But once the decision to apply is made, it's hard to know what the next step is. Since opening Law School Expert in 2004, Levine has relied upon her experience as director of admissions for two ABA law schools to help tens of thousands of law school applicants through private consulting and by providing expert advice on her widely read Law School Expert Blog

Whether you're applying to a top law school or just praying to get in anywhere "The Law School Admission Game" explains each piece of the process with candor and answers the questions asked most frequently by law school applicants including: How do I decide which law schools to apply to?; Why is the personal statement so important? and What can I do if I'm wait-listed at my first choice school?