New fund eases loan repayment for 14 Duquesne alumni

Fourteen fortunate and generous Duquesne University School of Law alumni have been the first to receive loan repayment assistant through The William B. Billock Loan Repayment Assistant Program. A total of $70,000 has been given to these 14 initial recipients.

When law school students graduate with debt payments they face the difficult decision of choosing a high paying career in the private sector versus a lower paying career that pursues social justice. For Dusquesne Alumni who have chosen to pursue public sector careers, the Bilock endowment can assist them by relieving some of their financial burden.

Staff attorney for KidsVoice, Hope Guy, graduated from Duquesne law school in 2003 and has been grateful for the assistance from the fund.

“I believe everyone in this field would acknowledge that we aren’t here for the salaries, but to help others in need. Generous gifts such as these ensure that we are able to continue our work and not be overwhelmed with student loans and other debts,” Guy said.

Applications for the next round of funding are due by Sept. 1, 2010 and can be found on the law school’s Web site,