preLaw Spring 2020 Issue

PreLaw Spring 2020

Issue Features

How to prepare for law school

For those making the big leap soon, here is some key advice on how to make the transition over the summer. For instance: Can you read the bottom line of an eye chart?

Best schools for practical training

These schools focus on giving students real world experience before they step into the real world. It's growing more vital, since employers want grads who don't need hand-holding.

Coronavirus crisis and law school: Your questions answered

Many of you are anxious about what will happen with law school admissions, whether you are a current or future applicant. While everything is changing day by day, here are some tips to help you cope.

Ways to improve a disappointing application season

Depending on your circumstances, there may be a lot you can do in terms of mid-course correction during the application cycle. 

Top schools: Environmental Law, Intellectual Property and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Tulane University is a national leader in environmental law. Its dynamic natural setting in New Orleans contributes to the learning experience.

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