BARBRI to help Brazilian lawyers get key bar prep

For foreign attorneys, getting a crack at becoming a U.S.-licensed attorney is quite the plum, particularly given how globalization has changed the way we do business. 

Now Brazilian lawyers have a greater opporutnity to do so. 

Legal education provider BARBRI is teaming up with the New Value corporate benefit club to offer Brazilian lawyers key bar prep services. 

BARBRI's Extended U.S. Bar Preparation, bar preparation for international law graduates and lawyers, is now available to members of New Value's corporate benefit network to prepare them for U.S. bar exams. More than 80,000 Brazilian lawyers affiliated with New Value partner law firms and attorneys' associations are now eligible to receive favorable BARBRI course fees.

"With traditional routes to qualification undergoing significant changes around the world, as well as jurisdictions opening up licensing eligibility to foreign-trained lawyers, qualifying and gaining experience in multiple jurisdictions is increasingly important for the 21st-century lawyer," said Natalia M. Urrea, BARBRI International Director. "Thanks to this new partnership between BARBRI and New Value, obtaining a U.S. qualification is now much more accessible to Brazilian lawyers."


"Our focus is on providing relevant and valuable benefits for the members affiliated with our partner firms and associations," added Marco Michaluate, New Value Founder. "We are excited to team with an education leader of BARBRI's stature to offer the attorneys in our network the opportunity to advance their careers through obtaining a U.S. attorney's license."