Florida Coastal relaunches fully online LL.M. for foreign attorneys

Foreign-trained attorneys have the opportunity to learn from the United States' legal experts, attorneys, and judges through the Florida Coastal School of Law (FCSL) LL.M. distance learning program.

The solely online program — which is being relaunched from an earlier version and will include a new class every month — seeks to engage and educate professionals from all countries. With no requirement to physically attend the Coastal Law campus, legal professionals will be able to complete the master's degree at their convenience from their homes and offices.

Florida Coastal School of Law Dean, Scott DeVito said, "This is the most affordable LL.M. for foreign educated lawyers on the market. Graduates of our online U.S. Law LL.M. program will leave with a comprehensive overview of U.S. law and a path to bar passage in the U.S.A."

Students are able to improve legal skill from their home country, enhance academic credentials, and expand their professional network. Coastal Law has created courses specifically for foreign-educated lawyers, providing what they need: a comprehensive overview of U.S. Law and a path to bar passage in the U.S.A.

Students will have access to the International BARBRI Bar Prep Program for a discounted rate of $2,995. This ensures that each Florida Coastal School of Law student has access to the resources they need to pass the bar exam.

"Our U.S. Law LL.M. was designed for international attorneys who want to advance their career, by learning the basics of the American legal system and laws. We are excited to be able to offer this degree 100 percent online, providing flexibility to our students," DeVito said.

Students complete the program at their own pace - in as little as one year or as long as three years. The program permits students the flexibility to balance their personal commitments, school and work.

The professors hold at least two live review sessions each semester in each class. Finally, the LL.M. administrative team also holds live, interactive online events with LL.M. professors and guest speakers at least once per month. Live sessions are optional but provide opportunity for students to network with professors, peers, and FCSL network.

Florida Coastal School of Law is accepting applications now, and students can enroll at any time. To apply online, or to find more information about the Online U.S. Law LL.M. Program, please visit: www.llmcertification.com. Email: llmuslaw@fcsl.edu or call: 904.204.6377.