Law school in India launches nation's first LL.M.

LL.M. programs have long been a popular offering in many U.S. law schools. Now a law school in India has introduced the first such progam in that growing nation.

Jindal Global University’s (JGU) law school is launching one in Environmental Law, Energy, and Climate Change. It's starting the program in collaboration with WWF-India. (World Wide Fund for Nature.)

Battling climate change is one of the goals of the new program, according to the Business Standard, India's leading business daily.

"The theme of environmental law and climate change is probably the most important issue that universities and law schools  should be concerned about," said C Raj Kumar, founding vice chancellor, JGU, according to the publication.  

"There is a sense of responsibility on the part of higher education institutions to be able to address issues that are going to have significant implications for the future."

He added: "Environment is one such thing, but even more importantly, legal institutions and laws have a very significant role in speaking truth to power. Public policy and law have that goal and with that objective we are launching the Master of Laws programme in collaboration with WWF-India." 

JGU Law, a private school, is located at Sonipat, Haryana, India.