Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University

Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University

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Basic Information

The Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University, located just a few miles outside of the District of Columbia in Arlington, Virginia, is one of the region’s best value law schools. In-state tuition is only $25,351, and its ultimate bar pass rate for the Class of 2015 was 96.48 percent.

But what makes George Mason unique is its curricular focus on law and economics. Every first year takes a law and economics foundation course, and the school offers a concentration in Legal and Economic Theory. That means that part of the discussion in the classroom is about the economic impact of an opinion. Its a unique way to look at the law and it carries through most of the curriculum. It has also led to a more conservative faculty and student body. That is evident in the school's new name, Antonin Scalia. 

It was named after the former Supreme Court justice in March 2016, not long after the conservative justice's death. It received $30 million gift to rename the school, which it is using for endowed scholarships. George Mason was founded as a state school in 1979 and received full ABA accreditation in 1986. In 1999, it built a new building, and since then enrollment dropped from 740 students to around 500. 

George Mason offers clinics and externships for students, including a Supreme Court Clinic. In this yearlong program, students work closely with attorneys to provide pro bono legal representation before the U.S. Supreme Court. It also has new specializations in homeland security and technology law. 

preLaw ranked it 6th in the nation for government work, in 2017. It is also ranked 12th in the nation for Asian law students. 


Admission Profile
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75th Percentile1643.73
25th Percentile1583.32
Financial Profile
Tuition Part-time$20,660$33,298
Living Expenses
Median grant$17000
Percent receiving grants82.00%
Estimated net tuition
Employment & Bar Exam Profile
Post-grad employment 90.80%
NJ Employment79.21
Bar Passage86.00%
Academic Profile
Best Law Schools 2019: Most Diverse: 
#12 - Asian
Business, Corporate, Banking
Criminal Law and Procedure
Family Law/Child & Family
Governmental Affairs and Regulations
Intellectual Property Law
International Law
Tax Law
Technology Law