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Georgetown University Law Center

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Georgetown University Law CenterGeorgetown University Law Center is one of the top law schools in the nation and the most prestigious law school in Washington, D.C. It's that location that helps the school pull one of the largest applicant pools in the nation. 

“You can understand law that you read in the casebooks, or you can understand law the way it’s in the casebook and the way it’s in practice," said Dean William Treanor. "Washington, D.C., is the best place to study law, and Georgetown offers law students unparalleled classroom and experiential opportunities here.”

Georgetown University has an odd relationship with its Jesuit roots. After all, this is where Sandra Fluke, the law student who Rush Limbaugh bashed for her stance on contraceptives in 2012, went to law school. Yet, the school has a chapel in the center of the campus. The Jesuit influence is see more through a focus on justice, and less of a focus on religion. 

“The Jesuit education philosophy of educating the whole person, resonates throughout the university," Treanor said. "We’re really focused on your growth as person, and as well as a lawyer. And that’s tied in with our idea that ‘Law is but the means, justice is the end.’”

Georgetown University is one of the largest law schools in the nation, with close to 2,000 students. Georgetown University acceptance rate helped it rank first in the region in terms of where law firm partners went to law school, and second in the nation. Without question, if you want to work at a big law firm, this is the D.C. school to attend, if not one of the top school's nationwide.

The vast majority of graduates work in private practice, with graduates landing jobs nationwide. But students also log more community service hours than any other law school in the nation. In 2016-17, the students recorded 378,722 volunteer hours, or 193 hours per student. 

The campus is located near Capitol Hill, and includes a residence hall and what is considered the best sports and fitness center at a law school in the nation — complete with a basketball court and swimming pool. That helped its building earn an A- from preLaw magazine. The law library is the third-largest in the U.S., with more than one million volumes and 1,000 seats.

Georgetown is one of the top performing schools for moot court. It ranked 5th in the nation in 2016-17, and 5th for the decade. More than 20 centers and institutes forge cutting-edge research and policy resources across fields including health, the environment, human rights, technology, national security and international economics. Georgetown Law equips students to succeed in a rapidly evolving legal field, guided by the school's motto, “Law is but the means, justice is the end.”


Admission Profile
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75th Percentile1693.88
25th Percentile1643.55
Financial Profile
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Tuition Part-time$39,064$39,064
Living Expenses
Median grant$27500
Percent receiving grants59.00%
Estimated net tuition[field_estimated_net_tuition]
Employment & Bar Exam Profile
Employment & Bar Profile Table: 
Post-grad employment 93.20%
NJ Employment[field_nj_employment_rate]
Bar Passage92.50%
Academic Profile
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Business, Corporate, Banking
Employment and Labor Law
Environmental/Natural Resource Law
Estate Planning
Health Law
Human Rights
International Law
Tax Law
600 New Jersey Avenue, NW
District Of Columbia