Massachusetts School of Law

Massachusetts School of Law

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Massachusetts School of Law’s tuition — at $21,000 — is 60 percent below that of other Boston schools. The private law school has achieved that low cost by being different from other law schools, such as not requiring students to take the LSAT. It also relies more on the medical school approach to teaching. While it doesn’t have ABA accreditation, the Andover-based school does have it from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. That means that graduates can sit for the bar exam in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

If they pass the Massachusetts bar, they are eligible to take the exam in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Wisconsin, California, West Virginia and Maryland.

Instead of the LSAT, the school gives prospective students an essay test that the school itself has developed. That's read and graded by a full-time MSLAW professor who, based upon years of practical and academic experience, is felt well-qualified to assess an applicant’s ability to think and write well.


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