University of La Verne College of Law

University of La Verne College of Law

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University of La Verne College of Law lost its ABA accreditation in 2011 due to poor bar pass rates. But it quickly made adjustments and regained provisional approval.

The law school started in 1970 and for 30 years operated as a California-accredited school. It has a unique location in Ontario, 40 miles east of Los Angeles, where it is the only ABA-accredited law school in the Inland Empire, including Ontario, San Bernardino and Riverside.

“We’re in an area of Southern California where there are far fewer lawyers — about one lawyer for every 850 residents, compared with one for every 250 in Los Angeles,” said Philip Hawkey, interim dean of the law school.

The area has far more small businesses and smaller law firms compared with the large corporations in Los Angeles.

The school has been working extensively on academics and bar readiness for some time to ensure students develop skills and are ready to pass the bar exam.

It offers a lawyering skills practicum, a required course that simulates experience in a law practice under the guidance of senior partners. It also has a family law practicum so that students can put their skills to use for clients in family law matters.

Externships place upper division students with public agencies or nonprofit law firms. The school has a disability rights legal center clinic on campus that focuses on helping low-income and minority families obtain special education services.

It offers the smallest first-year courses in the region, with only 30 students per class, and its recent struggles with accreditation have left it with only 274 students, down from 450. But that is expected to change now that it has ABA accreditation again.

Published Winter 2013

Admission Profile
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75th Percentile1493.21
25th Percentile1442.68
Financial Profile
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Tuition Part-time$21,549$21,549
Living Expenses
Median grant$2400
Percent receiving grants14.00%
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Employment & Bar Exam Profile
Employment & Bar Profile Table: 
Post-grad employment 55.60%
NJ Employment[field_nj_employment_rate]
Bar Passage42.11%
320 East D Street