University of Maine School of Law

University of Maine School of Law

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Basic Information

The University of Maine School of Law, located in Portland, may be one of the smallest law schools in the nation, but it makes up for its small size with an individualized experience for students and opportunities to practice law while in law school.

“One of the many reasons Maine Law is well respected both inside and outside of the state is that the institution is a national leader in the certification of student attorneys under federal and state court rules,” said Dean Danielle Conway. “Maine has one of the most flexible and broad in scope student practice rules – allowing students to practice in the courts. “

Conway said the student attorney certification, coupled with numerous experiential learning opportunities, helps to put theory into practice for students.

“On any given day, you will find Maine law students arguing before court,” she said. “That doesn’t happen anywhere else. We have many students who are doing this all over the state. Not just at a small clinical project.”

Maine Law prides itself on serving the local community.

“Maine Law is serving – providing legal services, getting faculty and staff to serve on boards, and providing assistance to nonprofits,” Conway said. 

Maine Law also offers a rigorous curriculum, a commitment to student-focused experiential learning and an investment in cultivating community inside and outside of the law school. Its Center for Law and Innovation houses a state patent program and intellectual property clinic where students can practice trademark, patent and copyright law.

It offers cybersecurity and other innovative courses, including a regulatory compliance program for startups and small businesses.

It runs a rural lawyer pilot program, designed to respond to the dearth of lawyers in rural communities. Up to six students go through rural communities in the summer, having an immersive experience.

“We immerse them in the community,” Conway said. “They get to see how they are leaders in their community by virtue of being lawyers. We have repaired a lot of burnt bridges with that program.”

Under Conway’s leadership, the school has made significant strides in improving the diversity of its student body — doubling the number of minorities at the school.

About 60 to 65 percent of the school’s students come from Maine, roughly the same percentage that remains in the state. It is the second least expensive school in the Northeast and offers the lowest cost of living in the region.

“We are a law school where every student counts,” Conway said. “Every student is more than a percentage point.”


Admission Profile
Application Deadline: 
Application Fee: 


Financial Aid Deadline: 


75th Percentile1573.65
25th Percentile1503.12
Financial Profile
Tuition Part-time
Living Expenses
Median grant$10000
Percent receiving grants67.00%
Estimated net tuition
Employment & Bar Exam Profile
Post-grad employment 84.20%
NJ Employment66.3
Bar Passage72.22%
Academic Profile
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Business, Corporate, Banking
Criminal Law and Procedure
Environmental/Natural Resource Law
Estate Planning
Family Law/Child & Family
Health Law
Intellectual Property Law
International Law
Public Interest/Social Justice
Real Estate Transactions
Tax Law
Technology Law
Trial Advocacy