The University of Michigan Law School

The University of Michigan Law School

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The University of Michigan Law School is the most prestigious school in the region and one of the top schools in the country. Its entering-class profile reflects the school’s high standard, with a median LSAT score of 169.

Its exit numbers are equally as impressive, with a 98.88 percent ultimate bar pass rate and a 94 percent employment rate. 

Students can take advantage of the school’s 16 clinical offerings, with focuses ranging from child welfare to international transactions, as well as externship placements throughout the country. It is one of the tops schools for international law (A), business law (A-), criminal law (A-), public interest law (A-) and environmental law (A-). 

Dean Mark West believes the school offers more than just challenging academics.

“Michigan Law is widely regarded as having one of the most pleasant social environments in which to study law, characterized by engaged, collegial, community-minded students and faculty,” he said.

In order to foster further opportunities and limit the typical stress regarding grades, the school doesn’t rank students until after graduation and doesn’t impose grade cutoffs for on-campus interviews.

The school offers, according to West, “unusual levels of faculty accessibility.” One way students can engage with professors is through small group seminars every semester that take place in a professor’s home. It also boasts one of the most iconic law school buildings in the nation, earning it an A- for facilities based on aesthetics and functionality. 


Admission Profile
Admission Profile Table: 
75th Percentile1703.88
25th Percentile1643.56
Financial Profile
Financial Profile Table: 
Tuition Part-time
Living Expenses
Median grant$25000
Percent receiving grants86.00%
Estimated net tuition[field_estimated_net_tuition]
Employment & Bar Exam Profile
Employment & Bar Profile Table: 
Post-grad employment 97.30%
NJ Employment[field_nj_employment_rate]
Bar Passage93.42%
Academic Profile
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Business, Corporate, Banking
Criminal Law and Procedure
Environmental/Natural Resource Law
Family Law/Child & Family
Intellectual Property Law
International Law
Public Policy
Tax Law
625 South State Street
Ann Arbor