Albany starts LL.M. in Health and Human Rights

Albany Law School is launching an LL.M. in Health and Human Rights, in collaboration with the University at Albany. The program will focus on populations around the world which are not provided adequate access to health services and facilities and do not enjoy the conditions necessary for a healthy life. Discrimination, inequality, scarcity of resources, and non-enforcement of legal rights all contribute to this problem. The LL.M. will allow students to study these problems in depth from a legal perspective to identify strategies that can help to realize the promise of the right to health.

 “The intersection of health with human rights covers rich and varied terrain both at home and abroad,” said Albany Law Professor Peter Halewood. “In the past, health and human rights were considered separate spheres but they have become viewed by experts as increasingly linked, and also as central to other outcomes such as poverty reduction and economic and community development.”

“Students or attorneys who could benefit from the new LL.M. in Health and Human Rights include those who wish to work for health rights advocacy organizations in the U.S. or abroad, designers of public policy, government lawyers seeking to broaden their policy and advocacy expertise, private firm attorneys working in health law who wish to add international human rights law to their skillset, and human rights lawyers who wish to specialize in health-related concerns. We anticipate significant interest from foreign lawyers,” he added.

Albany Law School recently affiliated with University of Albany to provide programs such as this.