Fordham introduces dual-concentration LL.M. option

Fordham Law School launched a dual-concentration LL.M. degree option, that gives students the opportunity to remain at Fordham Law for an additional semester of full-time study to complete a second LL.M. discipline.

“The new dual-concentration program will help students compete in the current legal market by giving them the opportunity to fully explore a second area of study and providing greater flexibility to pursue externships and clinics that may be difficult to complete in just two semesters,” said Toni Jaeger-Fine, assistant dean for international and non-J.D. programs at Fordham Law.

Under the program, students can earn an advanced law degree in any two of the school’s seven LL.M. concentrations — Banking, Corporate and Finance Law; Corporate Compliance; Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law; International Business and Trade Law; International Dispute Resolution; International Law and Justice; and U.S. and Comparative Law.

Students must take 12 additional credits to complete the second concentration. Students must complete a minimum of 36 credits in total. 

Foreign students who wish to take a bar examination may opt to do so after two semesters of study as long as they have completed all of the requirements for one of the degree programs at the end of two semesters and provided that they fulfill all the requirements imposed by the relevant bar authority.