7 MPRE Tips by a Top MPRE Tutor

The Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) is an important test to take seriously! The vast majority of jurisdictions require a passing score on the MPRE in order to be licensed to practice law. So, it is important that you’re fully prepared for test day! Here are seven MPRE tips by a top MPRE tutor.

Tip 1: Take Professional Responsibility in law school before you take the MPRE. 

Taking Professional Responsibility (or the equivalent Ethics class at your law school) will provide a great foundation for the material that is tested on the MPRE. It is also a good idea to take an MPRE prep course. Many bar exam prep courses offer MPRE courses for free.                                                                                                

Tip 2: Focus on the areas of law that are tested the most. 

Not all areas of law are tested equally! For example, conflicts of interest questions make up 12-18% of questions on the MPRE. In comparison, questions regarding lawyers’ duties to the public and the legal system make up only 2-4% of questions. Don’t ignore any portion of the law but focus on the areas of law where you are most likely to pick up the most points. This is the key to studying efficiently! 

Tip 3: Learn the language of the MPRE.  

Pay attention to how MPRE questions are asked. For example, some questions ask if an attorney is subject to discipline. Other questions ask if an attorney is liable for negligence. The attorney may be subject to discipline, but notliable for negligence, or vice versa. It is important to recognize exactly what you are being asked to answer. Otherwise, you may know the law but still answer the question incorrectly!  

Tip 4: Practice answering MPRE questions.

A great way to test your knowledge of the law is to practice! Your MPRE course provider should offer plenty of free practice questions. You can also purchase official MPRE questions from the National Conference of Bar Examiners. Completing official MPRE questions is a great way to gauge your progress and make sure you are on track to pass. This brings us to our next tip…

Tip 5: Time yourself. 

You will have two hours to answer 60 MPRE questions. This means you will have approximately two minutes to answer each question. Practice taking the exam under timed conditions ahead of time. This will help you with your timing on exam day. 

Tip 6: Take it seriously! 

The MPRE has a reputation among some law students for being an “easy” test. Yet, more people than you might think end up failing the MPRE! Make sure to allocate time to study for this test and take it seriously. The last thing you want to do is sit for an exam more than once if you don’t have to. It is a good idea to set aside two to four weeks to study for the exam.  

Another bonus of passing the MPRE the first time? You will boost your confidence for the bar exam! 

Tip 7: Prepare for test day. 

While you’re busy studying the substantive rules for the exam, don’t forget to also prepare for the actual test day! A few things you will want to do to include the following: 

  • Read the list of items you are permitted to bring and not permitted to bring. 
  • Don’t plan on studying in the testing center (it is not allowed).
  • Take a mock exam on the Pearson VUE website to become familiar with the format of the exam. 
  • Fill in every bubble on test day (points are not subtracted for incorrect answers). 

Good luck on the MPRE!