Albany Law now offering online Health Law and Compliance degrees and certificate

If you want a master’s degree, LL.M. degree or a certificate in Health Law and Compliance but have qualms about leaving your house during this pandemic, Albany Law School in upstate New York offers a solution.  

That field of study is now available online.

“Our program is designed to equip those employed, or seeking employment, in the health care field, with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the dynamic world of health care,” according to the law school’s website.

Some courses are: HIPPA Compliance; Compliance Skills: Auditing, Investigating, Reporting; Healthcare Compliance; Public Health Law; Malpractice, Medicare and Medicaid; Mental Health Law;  Conducting Investigations: Law and Practice; Strategic Approaches to Public Health Law and Compliance; False Claims Act;  Human Experimentation (Rules and Regulations);  Pharmaceutical Industry (Federal Sunshine Act); and Long Term Care Compliance.

“Students pursuing the health law concentration take courses that permit them to understand the basic laws that impact the health care industry and the complex laws and regulations that govern the operation of the health care industry,” the law school states. 

There are two online sessions available per term. To learn more, click here

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