Barbri launches new job networking service


Looking for that special someone? Hoping for a little magic to happen in your life? (But you really don't like the club scene ...)

Nope, we're not talking about online dating sites such as Match or eHarmony or Coffee Meets Bagel. 

We're talking about the Law Preview Job Network, a new free offering to students from Barbri, the well-known bar prep company. It allows for matriculating law school students from ABA-approved schools to see and be seen by many of the nation's leading employers. You do this by creating an employment profile that highlights your achievements.

Employers search for students with the qualifications they seek, which can lead to interviews and employment opportunities. For firms, it can supplement their oncampus visits, which can be limited. They can get them connected to students all over the country.

The service is available to those firms that provide Law Preview Scholarships (as well as government agencies, courts and nonprofits). No other employers will have the opportunity, Barbri notes. And many of the nation's top firms provide those scholarships, which go to deserving students to help prepare them for law school via a Barbri prep course. This year, 650 scholarships were awarded. 

"The Law Preview Job Network is a natural extension of our existing student offerings," Barbri notes. "By facilitating professional connections through the network of legal employers that actively sponsor Law Preview Scholarships, law students are able to find employment that is both satisfying and meaningful — the ultimate return on any investment in a legal education."