Best Law Firms to Work For

Vault's Annual Survey finds it takes more than big paychecks for Big Law firms to rise to the top in the eyes of their associates.

Ok, guess what kind of a company this is. Here are a few hints: Among its many perks is an annual surf trip. Regularly, it throws roof-deck parties. At some of its offices, it offers onsite dry-cleaning, as well as manicures and massages. Gym priveleges? You bet.

No, this is not some cool, cutting-edge high-tech firm. And no, it's not a hip, happening startup.

It happens to be a Big Law firm.

That's right. Big Law. You know, those supposedly drab, soul-less places where you work 19 hours a day, focusing on billing, billing billing. Weekends? Ha! What are weekends?

The perks above are part of the workplace culture at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, which, according to the workplace evaluator Vault, is the fourth-best law firm to work for. 

One associate told Vault: "As a lateral from a well-known N.Y. law firm, I had become jaded and assumed all 'big' law firms were the same. I was wrong. Orrick may be large, but it's a much more humane and civilized place to practice law. I love it."

If you're a law student rocking the law school world and hoping to land a job in Big Law, you need to know which firms to target. This is arguably a golden time for golden students.

To see the full list of top law firms to work for, and learn more about what those law firms offer, read the full article in the digital version of the National Jurist Back to School 2017 issue.