Best Law School Study Aids


Law school survival might not be possible without the help of a few friendly study aids. While not a substitute for reading the material and taking notes in class, study aids can be helpful in solidifying your understanding of the information. We’ve picked out the best study aids in four categories to help you master your legal studying.

Case Briefs

Legalines provide a detailed brief of every major case in your casebook. The table of cases allows you to easily find the case you’re looking for and the clear explanation allows you to understand the facts, issues, reasoning, and any dissents. Beyond simply explaining cases, Legalines also offer a summary of the black letter law—so that you come to class not only understanding the case, but also the principles behind it.

Price: $26 - $35
Subjects: 57

These summaries deliver a to-the-point synopsis of the facts, issue, decision, and rational for cases that correspond to your casebook. The best part? High Court incorporates dozens of illustrations to help you remember the various details of each case. What law student wouldn’t like to study with a picture book?

Price: $23 - $38
Subjects: 50


Trusted by generations of law students, Emanuel Law Outlines offer a comprehensive breakdown of topic matter that skillfully navigate through tricky legal concepts. Emanuel pairs a detailed review of critical issues with short answer questions, Q&As, and big-picture ideas that are particularly helpful for structuring your own class outlines.

Price: $31 - $37
Subjects: 24

Rules, rules, rules. Black Letter Outlines summarize the straight rules of law for a variety of courses and can be used as both a study aid when preparing for class or review material when studying for an exam. Each outline is written by an experienced law school professor, so you can be sure that what you’re reading is the real deal.

Price: $29 - $35
Subjects: 31

Review Material

The 5” x 7” size of these guides makes them the cutest study aid for any law student. While the compact size sacrifices the depth and detail of most hornbooks, the Nutshell Series provides an excellent overview of legal topics by highlighting key cases and statues.

Price: $26 - $33
Subjects: 136

The casual Q&A format of this supplement is like having a professor follow you around—only less intimidating and easier to understand. Examples & Explanations walks you through the fact pattern of various cases with a combination of hypothetical questions and detailed explanations.

Price: $20 - $36
Subjects: 30

Audio/Video Tapes/Podcasts

If lectures are your preferred learning style, Law School Legends is the way to go. The audiotape showcases speakers who are not only at the top of their field, but are also entertaining lecturers. Each lecture provides a detailed overview of one subject, making the big picture concepts crystal clear.

Price: $45 - $58
Subjects: 26

Nearly every law school subscribes to CALI—the center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction—and now, there is a radio podcast to aid your legal studying. The podcasts provide in-depth audio descriptions of law material on a variety of subjects, featuring professors from various law schools who teach the courses on which they lecture. 

Price: Free

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