Best schools for producing top show biz lawyers

So which law schools produce the biggest legal stars in the show biz world? We're talking the top legal minds who wheel and deal and litigate in La La Land, which is no place for the faint of heart. Can't be star struck, either.

And, at times, you need to put out some messy fires. Nicholas Cage, anyone?  

The Hollywood Reporter annually produces a list of the 100 most powerful attorneys in Hollywood. This year's list began this way: "Meet the pit bulls, fixers, wheelers and dealers on Hollywood Reporter's 13th  annual power  list of the top attorneys negotiating record-shattering Netflix pacts, merging Disney and Fox, suppressing sex tapes and suing studios for billions. You got a problem with that?"

No, we do not.

The Hollywood Reporter than broke down which law schools produced the most powerful attorneys. And the winner:

(Picture a law school dean, in a tux, opening an envelop ...) 


OK, that's no big shock, given the school's location and reputation. Indeed, it was the school's sixth straight year at the top. It produced 20 of the lawyers on the list. 

However, coming in second was ... Harvard. It sends grads both to the Supreme Court ... and to Tinsel Town.

USC finished third. For the rest of the list, click here.






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