Charlotte adds LL.M. for foreign attorneys

Charlotte School of Law has launched an LL.M. in American Legal Studies for foreign law graduates who have already received a primary law degree from universities in their home countries.

Charlotte School of Law offers a curriculum focused on experiential learning — hands-on learning to equip graduates with leadership, management and interpersonal skills.

The innovative curriculum will give LL.M. students a solid understanding of the distinctions in the American legal system and provide each student with flexibility to direct their studies toward their own personal goals and objectives.

“At Charlotte School of Law, we understand that the practice of law is becoming increasingly global,” said Professor Tony Ketron, Charlotte School of Law’s Director of International Programs. “Our LL.M. in American Legal Studies is an integral part of our effort to make the study of American law broadly available to the global legal community and to enhance the ties of that community with Charlotte.”

The one-year, 24-credit Master of Laws degree will offer students a choice of two tracks: the Flexible Track and the New York Track. The Flexible Track gives students great control over the substantive content of their LL.M. program through selection of a significant number of electives. In this way, the LL.M. student can gain an overview of American law or a significant understanding of a particular aspect of that law. The New York Track is designed to assist those students who wish to pursue admission to the New York State Bar upon obtaining their LL.M. degree by offering a curriculum focused on bar course requirements. Tuition and fees for the LL.M. in American Legal Studies have been set at $28,000.