Charlotte Law announces new scholarship for foreign attorneys

Charlotte School of Law has announced a new LL.M. Ambassador Scholarship, available to students enrolling in its LL.M. in American Legal Studies.

The LL.M. in American Legal Studies is designed for foreign law graduates who have already received a primary law degree from universities in their home countries.

“Our law school places great importance on cross-cultural and international collaboration through the education and support of international law graduates who can bring added global experience and knowledge to our campus,” said Professor Tony Ketron, Charlotte School of Law’s Director of International Programs.

The LL.M. Ambassador Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship offered to exemplary LL.M. applicants who possess a demonstrated capacity and potential for academic excellence and cultural leadership and a commitment to the law and service. Charlotte School of Law particularly values those applicants who will, as students and alumni, ultimately serve as strong ambassadors for its LL.M. program.

Characteristics of a Charlotte School of Law LL.M. Ambassador Scholarship recipient include: foreign degree in law, history of high academic achievement, ability to master legal studies in English and willingness to serve as an LL.M. alumni leader for Charlotte School of Law.

No additional applicaiton is necessary.