Dad and daughter attend Syracuse Law together

Typically, the only time you will bump into your parents on campus is when they are helping you move-in (or out) of your dorm room or visiting for that beloved parents’ weekend. 

The Deutsch family is doing things a bit differently. 

Scott Deutsch and his daughter Lauren are both working toward their law degree at Syracuse University College of Law at the same time. 

But if you think for one second that’s embarrassing for Lauren, think again.

I think it’s really cool. I take pride in it. This has been super amazing, and I could not think of anyone better to be doing law school with than my dad,” Lauren told a Syracuse TV station, WSYR-TV. 

Scott is in his second year and Lauren is finishing her first semester of her first year.

While they’re pursuing law degrees at different points in their lives, both have been interested in law for quite some time. 

“Walking into the law school and the courtroom, I felt like I was living my “Legally Blonde” Elle Woods fantasy,” Lauren said. “I realized this is exactly what I’m meant to do.”

As for Scott, this was a dream he had long ago, before he went into the military and had kids.  

“I put this goal on the back burner because I had kids and I wanted to make sure they had what they needed in life," Scott said.

Still, attending law school was always at the back of his mind. When he learned about the flexibility offered through the JDi program at Syracuse, he decided it was time to go for it. That unique program is mostly an online offering. 

"If it inspires somebody to dust off an old dream and make that jump and tackle that fear and go after what they really want to, then that’s fabulous, that’s what I hope,” Scott said. “I hope that this inspired even one person to not quite and not give up a dream.”

Lauren graduated from the University of Florida last spring and when she was deciding on where to attend law school, she got a present-day review from dear old dad. 

“He told me how welcoming the school was,” Lauren said. “I want to be at a school where everyone is welcome, where the diversity is enormous, and I’ve found that here.”

They have the same professor, study the same cases, and root for the same team — and it’s this special bond that will push them one step and one case closer to their dream.

"It's so good to be able to talk to not just anyone but my own dad who'll be brutally honest but will also dumb it down for me considering some of the cases are very difficult," Lauren said. 

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