Drexel dumps donor name; enrollment hits 36 year low

It was a Bad Month for …

Propriety, after Drexel University renamed it’s law school so that it could get more money for naming rights. The former Earle Mack School of Law is now simply Drexel University School of Law until the university can secure a big donor. Earle Mack gave $15 million to the law school five years ago. The university said the decision was mutual. Since thenthe school has suffered from a decline in applicants.

"The Earle I. Mack Foundation and Drexel jointly concluded that this will require an economic foundation beyond what was established by his gift and the university's matching funds," the university said.

It was a Good Month for …

Being a first year, after the American Bar Association announced enrollment had dropped 11 percent to 39,675, its lowest number in 36 years. That means first year law students enjoy the best faculty-to-student ratio ever, and when they graduate there will be more jobs per graduate than at any time since the 1970s. The last time enrollment was this low there was only 165 law schools. Today there is 202.

The Good and the Bad will be on hiatus until January.