FAMU student writes children’s book to motivate Black youth

Okoye Morgan Jr., a third-year law student at Florida A&M University (FAMU) College of Law, is achieving his high-school dream of becoming a lawyer and is also sharing his experience in a unique way.  

He wrote and published the children’s book, The Boy Who Went to Law School, which includes his thoughts on the importance of a legal education and encourages youth the enter into the legal profession.

“It is important to have a children’s book that represents people of color achieving professional studies such as law,” Morgan said.

Morgan points to the 2019 American Bar Association report listing 85 percent of lawyers as white, compared to 77 percent of the U.S. population in highlighting racial disparity in the legal field. Only 5 percent of lawyers are African American, 5 percent are Hispanic and 3 percent are Asian. 

Morgan plans to practice personal injury and civil litigation after graduation. 

“I want to be a lawyer to create change whether in policy or litigation,” Morgan said. “To defend those that have been harmed and are in need of justice. Our neighborhoods usually don't have lawyers or curriculum that suggest going into the legal profession. I wanted to create something that kids could see in picture and story form to change their recurring narrative of literature depicting mostly athletics or entertainment.” 

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