Five secrets to succeeding in law school


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Success in law school isn’t just about bragging rights -- it’s about opportunities. The best law students tend to have the best chance of receiving scholarships, the best chance of passing the bar, and the best chance of landing their dream law job. To rise to the top of your law school class, you’ll need to hit the ground running from the start of 1L year. To help you, we’re sharing these 5 secrets to succeeding in law school.

  1. Create a Study Schedule
    Even before you attend your first class of 1L year, you should have a plan for success in the form of a study schedule. Your schedule should help you keep track of your study time, but that’s not all. Activities like exercise, eating healthy meals, and getting enough sleep should also be part of your schedule.
  2. Keep Your Eye on the Prize
    In the majority of law school classes, your final exam is the only grade. While it’s important to keep up with reading assignments and make sure you’re prepared for class, don’t lose sight of the final exam. Prioritize outlining, reviewing your outline, and taking practice exams -- they’ll make a big difference when it comes to your final grade.
  3. Outline as You Go
    Once the semester is in full swing and you’re juggling reading assignments, legal practice briefs, and other responsibilities, it’s easy to let outlining slide to the back burner. Don’t! If you wait to start outlining until the middle of the semester or later, you’ll feel like you’re behind. Instead, opt for steady progress on your outline throughout the semester.
  4. Build Relationships
    It’s no secret -- law school grades are important. But the personal connections you make in law school will also play a role in your future career. Yes, studying is important, but so is getting to know your peers and professors! Attending study groups and office hours can not only help you understand the material, but it can also help you develop relationships that will help you succeed in law school.
  5. Ask For Help
    To be successful in law school, you can’t rely on the same strategies that worked for you in undergrad. If you feel like you’re putting in the time studying without getting results, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your professors and peers are great resources, as are tutors and consultants. Getting someone else’s input on your studying can put you on the path to success in law school.

Ultimately, succeeding in law school depends on being strategic with your time. Follow our tips, and you’ll put yourself in a great position to achieve your goals!