Florida Coastal is back in compliance

If you’re inclined to bet, you may have wagered against Florida Coastal School of Law righting its ship.

Nearly two years ago, the ABA sanctioned the school for a number of compliance issues, from poor academic support to suspect admissions policies.

One of the reasons for doubting the Jacksonville-based school would rebound was because it’s part of the InfiLaw System, which ran three for-profit law schools.

Its other two schools — Arizona Summit in Phoenix and Charlotte School of Law  — were placed on probation by the ABA and have either closed or will close. They also were in a world of hurt when it came to fielding qualified classes and meeting other compliance standards.

While Florida Coastal was not put on probation, its prospects appeared dim, given how InfilLaw was seemingly losing interest in the law school business.

Well …

Florida Coastal is in the clear. The ABA recently announced the school is back in compliance.  

”We are grateful that the Section’s Council has recognized the hard work and dedication of Florida Coastal’s students, staff, faculty, and alumni,” said Dean Scott DeVito in a statement.

Part of that hard work included raising academic standards. “Florida Coastal’s entering credentials, based on median LSAT, are at or above 43 other law schools,” he said in the statement.

Earlier, the school announced it was seeking nonprofit status and was looking to partner with a university. What role InfiLaw will play has yet to be determined.



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