Florida Coastal tops for moot court; youngest woman dean ever

It was a GOOD week for …

Infilaw, after one of its schools, Florida Coastal School of Law, secured the number one seed in the Blakely Advocacy Institute’s prestigious Andrews Kurth Moot Court National Championship. Infilaw has been beaten up in the press recently regarding its potential acquisition of Charleston School of Law. Students and faculty at that for profit school have said Infilaw’s law schools, which are also for profit, do not have the same rigorous standards. But Florida Coastal earned its spot by winning moot court competitions against some of the top law schools in the nation. Georgetown University finished second with University of California – Hastings in third.

Youth, after Wayne State University Law School named the youngest female dean to date. Jocelyn Benson, who has served as interim dean since December 2012, takes over as the permanent dean at the age of 36. Benson joined the faculty in 2005, at the age of 27. She was previously associate director of the law school’s Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights. She holds a bachelor of arts degree from Wellesley College, master of philosophy degree from Oxford University and law degree from Harvard Law School.