Georgia State University offering LLM in Health Law

There’s a unique opportunity for students at Georgia State University College of Law to get their Master of Law degree (LL.M.). For an additional 10 credit hours, both foreign and domestic students can get a dual concentration from its Center for Law, Health and Society. 

Until 2019, Georgia State Law only offered a 26-hour LLM in which foreign students could either select the Bar track or a single concentration and domestic students could select just the single concentration. 

Now, foreign students can choose the Bar Track plus a concentration and domestic students can choose two concentrations. The Associate Director at Georgia State Law, Stacie Kershner, said this change was something students were asking for.  

“Our Bar Track program is prescribed -— the course meets the requirements specified by the Supreme Court of Georgia. Many of them also expressed interest in the topic areas covered by our concentrations. Now, the 36-hour program offers flexibility for that,” she said. “Students can add 10 hours to the Bar Track and be able to take concentration courses. This way they also don't have to complete two separate LLM programs to achieve their goals.”

The 26-hour option is still an option too, but the 36-hour LLM is growing in popularity. 

Since students were expressing interest in multiple concentrations, Kershner says Georgia State Law has always promoted an interdisciplinary focus and enables students to tailor their experience. 

“For example, they can follow their interest in environmental health with Health Law and Land Use and Environmental Law, or health privacy and IT with Health Law and IP, or precision medicine with Health Law and Legal Analytics,” Kershner wrote in an email. “There are many other topics to explore at the intersection of our offerings and this 36-hour option allows our students to do that without needing to complete an entire second LLM.”

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