Handshakes banned at Harvard Law graduation

It’s a BAD week for farewell handshakes at Harvard Law School, after the school announced no handshakes at graduation. 

The school is battling a rampant mumps outbreak. As such, graduation ceremonies will go on as planned, but no handshaking will be allowed as new J.D.’s receive their diplomas Thursday.

“A courteous head nod will take the place of handshake,” Dean Marcia Sells wrote to graduates, as reported by Above the Law. 

Hand sanitizer will also be available this week for all graduates, families and guests.

There are more than 50 confirmed cases of mumps in the community, and the number of cases has increased steadily over the final weeks of the spring semester.

The level of protection against mumps from the MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine isn’t as strong as for the other diseases. Two doses are 88 percent effective at preventing mumps, and one dose is 78 percent effective.