Health Law jobs expected to grow

Legal health care jobs may only be “hot” right now, but they are going to get red hot, according to the Robert Denney Associates midyear market report on what’s hot or not in the legal profession.

“A lot of the individual states are continuing their suit to throw out parts of the health care law,” said Denney, president of the company. He said the recent Supreme Court decision upholding the health care law will give rise to legal services specializing in that area.

“There’s still a lot of issues to be worked through on how to implement the health care law — some of the regulations and requirements have still not been completely clarified or understood,” Denney said.

Denney said getting into the industry is going to be tough for young attorneys who are job-hunting and have no experience or background in health care law. If young attorneys are in a firm that has health care practice then he recommends trying to get involved in the health care practice group and do as much research as possible on the whole health care law so they are up to speed.

“Look at firms that have a substantial health care practice, because they are probably adding staff,” Denney said. “If they have a big enough practice there’s going to be room for a few new [attorneys].”

Even though legal health care jobs may begin offering more employment opportunities in the near future, the most job openings are in still in the corporate, litigation and intellectual property specializations.

Leopard Solutions, a legal recruiting and research company has some 2,200 legal jobs posted on it’s website. The company watches 642 law firm websites and 110 Fortune 500 companies for their published jobs and update the program ten times a  week. Leonard said the number of health care jobs from the firms she observes is still small, but that could always change.

“The numbers are constantly changing as firms are posting and closing jobs,” said Linda Leopard, principle of Leopard Solutions. “The majority of jobs we get are associate positions.”