How to Prepare for an Online Bar Exam


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many states are shifting to an online bar exam or considering offering one. If your state is offering an online bar exam this year, you will want to prepare properly! Here are our top tips for preparing for an online bar exam. 

1. Practice for the exam you’ll be taking. 

Most states that are moving to online bar exams do not allow examinees to use paper for taking notes. Instead, examinees will have to take notes digitally. Thus, examinees will be expected to read questions, answer questions, and take notes on their computers. 

So, practice for the exam you’ll be taking. Practice reading questions on your computer, answering them on your computer, and using a digital note-taking platform. This is an adjustment for many examinees, so getting used to it sooner rather than later will help boost your chances of success on the bar exam. 

2. Carefully follow directions.

Your state may have detailed directions on what is required to take the bar exam. This may include certain specifications regarding what is permitted in the testing room (for example, the following things may be banned from the room when you are taking the exam: water, other people, pets, or books). Other states may require you to set up an external camera to minimize the risks of cheating. 

Pay close attention to your state’s instructions. Review them as soon as they are available and read them more than once!  You do not want to be disqualified from the bar exam for simply not following directions. 

3. Make sure your video camera, laptop, and Wi-Fi are functioning properly. 

Lastly, make sure your laptop, laptop camera, and Wi-Fi are functioning properly. Any state offering an online bar exam generally will require you to video yourself using your laptop camera or an external video camera. The purpose is to monitor cheating. Thus, make sure your camera works and that you are comfortable with setting it up ahead of time. 

Further, make sure your laptop is functioning or that you are able to access a functioning laptop. And, ensure you are able to connect to Wi-Fi. Your jurisdiction will require that you connect to Wi-Fi to upload exam answers and may even require a Wi-Fi connection for the duration of the exam.

Good luck preparing for your online bar exam!