Kid lawyer: A 16-year-old gets into law school

We can only imagine how law school admissions’ staff reacted to Haley Taylor Schlitz’s application.

Her date of birth?

Had to be a typo. No doubt she meant to say she’s 26 …

Not 16 …

After all, how many teens that age have managed to graduate from college, take the Law School Admission test and apply to law school?

Well, these kids today …

Haley has been accepted into Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law in Dallas. She starts in the fall. She’s not old enough to vote, but she’s old enough to take Constitutional Law.

The teen will soon be graduating from Texas Woman’s University, as well as receiving her associates degree from Tarrant County College in Fort Worth.

She wants to get her driver’s license too.

According to a story from her community college news site, she was home-schooled since the fifth grade after her parents discovered her academic prowess. She graduated from high school at 13.

“Haley demonstrates a level of maturity, confidence and preparedness sometimes lacking in students twice her age,” said Edwardo Perez, associate professor of English at TCC Northeast, in the article. “She seems endowed with knowledge and skills many of us do not attain until we’ve lived a few decades, and she is highly motivated.”

She’s pursuing law school because she wants to fight inequity, she told the ABA Journal. One of the reasons for that is because she was denied entry into her school’s gifted program. The school wouldn’t even test her.

As amazing as her story is, she won’t be the youngest student to enter a U.S. law school. Stephen A. Baccus was only 14 when he got into the University of Miami School of Law in 1983.

He just finished paying off his school loans …

Oh, we joke. Today, he’s an associate professor of neurobiology at Stanford.

The slacker …

Photo courtesy of Tarrant County College