Kim Kardashian gives love to bar prep firm; bar prep firm swoons

Kim Kardashian West normally promotes products on her Instagram account that are related to fitness, beauty, fashion and — because she’s a mom — morning sickness relief. Companies sometimes pay handsomely for a shout-out — as much as $500,000 for a single post.

She has quite the audience, after all. Her account has 159 million followers.

So no wonder JD Advising was thrilled when the reality TV star and wannabe lawyer recently gave the prep company props on Instagram for custom-made bar-related questions it had sent to Kardashian.

It never had this kind of an A-list connection before. Not even close. We’re talking about a clientele made up of prospective law school students, law school students and graduates. It works with schools and law firms, as well.

Normally — let’s be frank — they aren’t the most exciting bunch.

“My staff really likes Kim Kardashian so we thought it would be cool if we could get her attention with something unique,” said Ashley Heidemann, founder and CEO of the Michigan-based company.

Kardashian announced nearly a year ago that she was studying to be a lawyer, but not in the conventional way. She’s apprenticing with practicing attorneys, which makes her eligible for the so-called California baby bar. If she passes that exam, she can continue with her apprenticeship. In three years, she can sit for the California bar.

Heidemann said her questions focused on baby bar subjects, such as contracts, criminal law and torts. However, they were written in a way to connect with Kardashian’s unique lifestyle.

Here’s one:

A woman was driving, distracted by the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app on her phone. She was so distracted that she inadvertently hit a construction worker. The construction worker was injured and went to the Intensive Care Unit at the local hospital. However, the construction worker survived.

Is the woman guilty of attempted murder in a common law jurisdiction?

(A) Yes, she is guilty of attempted murder in the first degree.

(B) Yes, she is guilty of attempted murder in the second degree.

(C) No, because she did not have the specific intent.

(D) No, because she did not come dangerously close to committing the crime.

(FYI, the correct answer is C.)

The prep firm sent the questions to Kardashian, hoping she would check them out. It had no, well, contract with her …

But Kardashian apparently was impressed and said so on her Instagram account. “When I even have an hour off, I do all the test questions and practice,” Kardashian said in her video post. “This one is really funny.”

“I was very surprised and grateful to get a response,” Heidemann said. “I did not know if she was even receiving the questions. I did not expect a response, yet alone a 30-second shout-out on Instagram.”

Kardashian, who’s late father, Robert Kardashian was an attorney, is motivated to become a lawyer because she wants to advocate for criminal justice reform.

The Instagram post helped get JD Advising some sweet publicity. People magazine covered it, for instance.

Beats the ABA Journal hands-down …