Law student burns court case files to stay warm during power outage

A second-year law student at the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Law got creative when she woke up to ice forming on the inside of her apartment windows in February when cold weather reached as far south as Texas, according to the Kansas City Star.  

Alexandria Darden’s apartment had lost power, and with it heat. So she threw a stack of old court cases into her fireplace and lit them to keep warm and after those burnt out, she went out looking for firewood since she was unable to attend any classes without internet, but she couldn’t find any at Walmart or Lowes, the Kansas City Star reported. Darden 

“I’m just, I’m in shock,” she said.

Fortunately, Darden was able to make it to a friend’s house who had power while crews worked to get the utilities back on in her freezing apartment, but she realizes that not everyone is as lucky as she was to have that opportunity. 

“I feel terrible for all the other families and other people who may not have the resources, or may not be able to leave and are just stuck,” Darden said.




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