Law students urge recent grads to not interview or work with any firms connected to Trump’s 2020 election challenge suits

More than a hundred law students are pledging to boycott the law firms that are representing President Trump’s and the Republican Party’s effort to contest the 2020 election. 

"The election results are clear, and it is unconscionable that these lawyers are helping Trump's efforts to steal the election," said Andy Ratto, an organizer of the protest, in a statement. "The law firms that support these false and misleading claims in court are just as guilty as Trump when he tries to undermine democracy and launch a coup for the Presidency."

According to, the People’s Parity Project (a campaign formed by law students and new attorneys) is urging students from every law school to not interview with or work for four firms: Jones Day, Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP, King & Spalding LLP and Consovoy McCarthy PLLC. 

"As law students, we dictate the future of our profession — and, in many ways, the future of our democracy," Brooke Simone, a second-year University of Michigan Law School student, said on Twitter. "It is our responsibility to protect the fundamental right to vote from meritless right-wing attacks and restore the legal field."

Law 360 reported that an open letter was sent by the student organization to the four law firms, noting how the suits filed by the Trump campaign are "failing" and often "received vehement criticism for their meritless attempts to sow discord and distrust."

"Yet, attorneys from Jones Day, Porter Wright, King & Spalding, and Consovoy McCarthy are leading the charge. They are not just complicit — they are enabling despotic attempts to threaten our election integrity and the future of our nation," the letter said. "This is unethical, plain and simple."

Jones Day pushed back on critics' claims in a statement, saying that it was not representing Trump, his campaign or any affiliated party in litigation alleging voter fraud.

The student group also named other law firms, including Baker Botts LLP, Statecraft PLLC, Snell & Wilmer LLP, True North Law LLC and Taylor English Duma LLP, that were involved in the Trump campaign, Law360 reported. 

Snell & Wilmer withdrew from an election lawsuit in Maricopa County, Ariz.,last week.


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