Most Unusual Law School Study Abroad Programs

Study abroad programs offer the chance to dig deep into specialized topics. We identify 11 programs that offer the most unusual subject matter.

Students in University of Florida Levin College of Law’s Costa Rica program work to find practical, policy-relevant solutions to conservation and sustainable development issues. They travel weekly to field stations with the Organization for Tropical Studies and meet with locals, while pushing for collaborative approaches to problems.

Perhaps seeing something in a different country can increase understanding of a topic. Western New England University School of Law’s Gender and Law in Israel program, which takes place over winter break in Tel Aviv, focuses on contemporary examples of challenges to gender segregation through American, Israeli and Jewish viewpoints.

Meanwhile, Southwestern Law School’s Entertainment and Media Law program is in London, one of the world’s busiest cities. The program focuses on international aspects of entertainment, arts and sports law, and on negotiating international entertainment industry contracts.


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A study abroad program can also connect students with legendary schools or organizations. For instance, The Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy at the University of Dundee, in Scotland, is a renowned graduate school for international business transactions and natural resources and energy law and policy. American University Washington College of Law holds a study abroad program there, and students can study energy and natural resources, environmental law and arbitration.

American University also offers a program at The Hague, Netherlands, that gives participants an opportunity to study cutting-edge legal issues related to crime and terrorism. It offers site visits to the International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court and International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

Going abroad offers a prime chance to focus on international law and comparative law. Stetson University College of Law, along with four other law schools, offers a program in Granada, Spain, which is designed to prepare lawyers for the challenges of the international marketplace. Four one-week courses include political movements in tax, the internet, the law and populist uprisings.

Michigan State University College of Law offers a comparative law program in Poland with an international aspect that few other programs have. American law students study alongside Europeans, and professors are from the U.S., Poland and Lithuania.

Tulane University Law School’s summer program on Rhodes, Greece, introduces students to maritime law, law of the sea and marine environmental management. The program combines externships at related organizations with excursions to the Aegean Institute of the Law of the Sea & Maritime Law, a cultural city tour, and a day trip to the Island of Halki.

Tulane also offers a summer program at Cambridge where students examine refugee and migration issues, including the effects of the Syrian Civil War, lack of control over immigration in the United Kingdom, and how waves of undocumented immigrants affected the 2017 presidential election in the U.S. 


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