Must See: Texas A&M staff makes parody of Schoolhouse Rock! for Constitution Day

If you prefer watching movies or listening to audio books rather than reading, the music video that Texas A&M University School of Law created in September might just be your jam. 

The faculty and staff at the law school published a rendition of the classic short-film series “Schoolhouse Rock!” as part of Constitution Day.

Disclaimer: No actual copyright laws were violated during the filming of this parody.

The video director, Wayne Barnes, who also teaches commercial law at the downtown Fort Worth school, didn’t claim credit, according to a story in Forth Worth Star-Telegram. The idea came from Meg Penrose, a constitutional law professor. 

“The ‘Schoolhouse Rock!’ video is something we all grew up with, and it’s a way to make the document more accessible to the general public,” Barnes told the newspaper.

While the U.S. Constitution is the beloved framework of our democracy, many people don’t know much about it, Barnes contends. 

 “A lot of people believe they know the U.S. Constitution, but actually do not know as much about it as they believe,” Barnes said in the story. 

That’s why Barnes and the law school found a unique and fun, new way to share the lesson. 

And that is the story of how a law school made a music video about law. 

“No touring schedule has been suggested and no recording contracts are expected. But hopefully, people will see the video and appreciate it,” Barnes told the paper. 

To watch the full music video go here.