New iPhone app helps law students find employment

More than 70 law schools will be deploying Lawcoutability, J.D., a new iPhone app aimed at helping students navigate the competitive job market and create a career, on Monday, Sept. 18.

Lawcountability, J.D. packages webinars by Ari Kaplan, author of The Opportunity Maker, a book about legal careers. Students using the app receive weekly 10-minute videos on branding, networking and social media usage. Each webinar provides practical ideas for engaging and following up with prospective employers. The app also features accountability technology.

“Law students get well trained in the rules of law and how to think like a lawyer, but they often lack the necessary business acumen to grow their careers and their firms,” said Peter Frey, Chief Technology Officer for BARBRI. “Lawcountability, J.D. is the perfect training tool to develop these types of skills.” 

Lawcountability, J.D.’s curriculum includes programs such as “Getting a Job Begins With Branding,” “How to Work a Room Without Working Too Hard,” “The Best Social Media Strategy for 1Ls” and ”The Secret to Reaching Alumni.” In addition, the app includes a gaming component, which measures and evaluates a student’s progress. Automated email reminders are also available.

A few incentives are being offered to the early adopters of the app. BARBRI is offering four full BARBRI Bar Review Scholarships to students who commit to watching all of the programs and completing all of the associated tasks. Rocket Matter, a practice management and time and billing software tool for law firms, will also be offering monthly Amazon gift cards to students who are the most active on the system.

“We all know that making connections might be the most important factor for students in their job search, and we strive to provide innovative ways to help them develop the ability to include this aspect in their day-to-day lives,” said Michael Keller, the Assistant Dean for Career and Professional Development at the University of Wisconsin Law School. “Lawcountability, J.D. gives students the opportunity to systematically incorporate this vital skill into their career search.” 

Lawcoutability, J.D. will be available to law students at these 72 law schools.