New website for LL.M. candidates and graduates

A new website, LLM-United, hopes to connect LL.M. students and graduates. Desiree Jaeger-Fine, who created the site while an LL.M. student at Fordham University School of Law, hopes to connect all LL.M. professionals on one platform in order to foster networking and share resources.

“I realized LL.M. students were not sufficiently connected outside the borders of their own law school and that we did not know our previous classes, let alone the next generation,” Jaeger-Fine said. “I see great opportunities in connecting LL.M. professionals that come from all over the world, many of whom will return to their home country.”

The site aims to maintain relationships that attorneys developed while in school and to develop new relationships. It is member based.

“LLM-United can create a worldwide network of foreign lawyers who have the LL.M. degree in common, providing unlimited opportunities for members,” she said.

Jaeger-Fine hopes to soon offer a series of webinars and live seminars with expert speakers specifically designed for the LL.M. community.

The site also hopes to provide information that will help potential students choose a school.

“Prospective student will be able to connect and reach out to those who have already done the program and find a mentor to guide them along the way,” she said.

Membership and all services offered are free of charge.